Our New Recliner Collection…

Our New Seating in the, Motion -1nnovations” line is now available. With a new entry level price point and styles, featuring single Recliners and connected straight rows, we can now compete at a great new price! The challenge was, can we deliver the similar quality, service, comfort and warranty that PremiereHTS has been know for? Best of all, many models will be in stock in our most popular 100% Black Leather finish! We think this new MovieLounger Line-up will surprise you, and so will the prices!


The Legend Continues

In 1998, PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating launch what would and has become the most successful Home Theater Recliner designs ever! Many have imitated, but now only MovieLounger has introduced the New LUCCA and the ML-Series with updates, improvements, features and all over Top Grain Leather! ML-6152


A New Unique Style

Combining over 25 years of experience, customer feedback and new materials, the VERONA will offer everything you demand. Tilt Power Headrest, 7 button memory cup holder controls, dual arm storage and waterfall chaise seat cushion in 100% all over top grain leather! Nailheads for that added touch. ML-9324


Luxury Beyond Belief

Now imagine features not found on many recliners. The all new MILANO. Power Tilt headrest, Power Lower Lumbar support and the single cushion waterfall chaise seat support that will cradle you in comfort. Our finest top grain leather coving the entire chair and multi-layered memory foam seat and hand tied spring support. And all our MovieLoungers feature our 7 button, lite cup holders for easy access. ML-0032


Luxury Beyond Belief

Many recliners are built for row connection. The all new VENICE has a wide Power Tilt Forward headrest, the power seat supports with single cushion waterfall chaise cushion that will cradle you in comfort. Our finest leather line-up, multi-layered memory foam seat, hand tied spring support and storage arm compartment. An entry level single Home Theater recliner like no other. M-8044


Luxury Beyond Belief

Many recliners are built for row connection and ROMA is no different.. The all new ROMA dates back to the launch our first PremiereHTS, dedicated Home Theater recliner. Introduced in 1998 as the Encore, today the most copied but not imitated design by just about every want-to-be competitor. first! ML-4712

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